E' Horizon Tech

Attention! Those of you who do not want to abandon your perfectly working MS Windows 7 hardware!!

Install Linux Mint. Considered by many as the closest you can get to replacing MS Windows itself!!!

E' Horizon Tech

A GNU/Linux services provider

Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Focused on providing quality GNU/Linux services

We provide installation, configuration and trouble shooting of mainstream GNU/Linux distributions.

Including desktop and server installations.

There are absolutely no charges for the software provided as all of it is from the freely downloadable versions of all the main 

distributions that are available. We only charge for the services rendered.

Why GNU/Linux?

Because it is 'free'!

As in 'freedom' to do what you want with it. 

As in 'freely' available for you to use.

There is but one condition that says and we agree that there can be no restriction of this 'freedom'.

If you make changes to what you got 'free' then you are bound to make available those changes to everybody for 'free' as in 'freedom'.

And it is about doing good to (helping) people at a cost most can afford.

You don't break any laws with it because you want something that is infinitely duplicatable.

You are allowed to duplicate GNU/Linux ad infinitum under the terms of the GPL.


If you are an organisation that values your money and freedom we can help you save your hard earned money and do what you want (freedom) with what you get (in this case for free!). The best part about it all is that it is stable and runs for extended periods of times without needing expensive extra care.

We provide file server, database, webserver, storage and firewall solutions based on GNU/Linux and OSS.

We only charge for setting up, configuring and supporting these solutions. There are no charges or recurring charges for the solutions themselves.


So what is holding you back?

Start using GNU/Linux today!

And if you are not we assure you that you sure are missing saving yourself a lot of money and trouble.

We hope this will give you a taste of what you are missing

Linux Mint on YouTube

The distributions we use and support

Ubuntu/Kubuntu, Linux Mint, CentOS, and if you are interested in any other we will only be glad to help.

Contact details:

Khan Md. Ashraf

First Floor, Old #12, New #8, 

9th Cross Street,

Shastrinagar, Chennai 600 020

Mobile: 98410 32607

E-Mail: ehorizon.tech@gmail.com, ehorizon_tech@yahoo.co.in

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